1. The ground floor is reserved for reception, parking and other utility services with a Reception room.
2. Superior quality lift.
3. Generator for operating the lift, Water Pump, lighting in the common place and 2 points in each apartment in case of power failure.
4. Spacious entrance and driveway with security provision.
5. One management room on rooftop.

1. Solid decorative wooden main door with security chain, check viewer and door lock.
2. All windows will be of 3″ local aluminum framed sliding shutters with 5mm tinted glass and M. S. Grill.
3. Internal doors will be veneered partex shutters with French polish/enamel paint with shill karai chowkat/ frame.
4. All bathrooms will have plastic doors.
5. One door of each bedroom will be fitted with mortise lock.
6. Cast in situ silver grey mosaic flooring with glass strips.
7. Exterior surface of the building will be painted with durocem. Interior walls with distemper paint, ceiling with white wash, main lobby and staircase will be painted with Distemper paint.

1. Required size underground and overhead water reservoir with water lifting pump.
2. Concealed electric, phone, water and gas line.
3. Individual electric meters for all apartments.
4. Best quality local wires and electric local M.K. Switches.
5. Adequate plug points for air conditioners, geysers, fans, telephones, TV/ STV connections etc.

1. R.C.C. framed structure on individual footing
2. 1st class picked jhama chips for RCC work.
3. Plain and deformed mild steel bar of required strength will be used as per design for reinforcing work.
4. Solid brick shall be used for inner and outer walls.
5. Parking floor will be cast finished.
6. All structures have been designed on the basis of ACI building code.

1. Best quality local sanitary wares (option for foreign fixtures on additional costs).
2. Local Glazed tiles (BISF or equivalent) in bathrooms full height.
3. All bathrooms with non slip local floor tiles.
4. Best quality local fittings.
5. Separate plug points for geysers in master bathrooms.
1. One platform with tilestop.
2. Double burner gas outlet.
3. Silver grew cast in situ mosaic floor.
4. Concealed hot and cold water lines.
5. One stainless steel sink with swan neck bib cock.
6. Exhaust fan.

1. Sliding fly proof net with aluminium panel in windows.
2. Light fittings & other electric fixtures.
3. Cabinets in dining room, kitchen & bedroom.
4. Aluminum shower case, bathtub & bathtray.
5. Bontile paint, luxury silk paint in walls
6. Anti burglar alarm.
7. Water heater/geyser.
8. Automatic door closer.
9. Natural/coloured marble in floors.